Withdraw Crypto Casino

How to withdraw on crypto casino

Withdrawing money with crypto-currencies is not much more difficult than making a deposit. Once again, you need to use your crypto-currency wallet. This time, you need to copy the deposit address from your wallet and enter it on the withdrawal page of your casino account. Make sure that you are withdrawing in the same crypto-currency. For example, a Bitcoin wallet can only withdraw BTC.

Once you have copied the address, click Submit and wait for the money to arrive. Even if you are a new player in the world of crypto-currency games, it shouldn’t be difficult to cash out your winnings.

In addition, the best crypto-casinos in the United States may have guidelines for this, so you’ll be taken through every step of the process.

Processing times

Everyone asks if crypto casino cashouts are fast, and we say it depends. Faster than other options for sure, but only if the casino allows it. There are no speed barriers on the blockchain side. It allows for fast transactions that are completed in minutes at most. On the other hand, casinos can drag this process out, so those minutes can turn into days.

The good news is that there are casinos where crypto-currency cashouts take no more than a day. This is a reasonable amount of time to release your winnings from a casino that accepts crypto-currencies. These are usually released after a pending approval period that can last what the casino specifies.

Crypto-currency withdrawal fees

There are usually no fees when it comes to withdrawing casino crypto-currencies, but blockchain can have them. Inter-exchange crypto-currency transactions are free, but since you are withdrawing money from a casino, there may be a small fee.

These are usually negligible amounts that won’t make your crypto-currencies go up or down. The fact is that crypto-currencies are safe and secure in online casinos, and they are faster for withdrawals than any other payment method.

In addition, you can play special bitcoin or crypto-currency games that cash casinos do not have. If you want to ride the brave new wave of crypto-currencies, join a crypto-currency casino now.